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Welcome to our motorcycle travel site.
We've been dreaming of a cross-country motorcycle trip for almost 1 year.  Living vicariously through numerous web sites and traveller's stories had us wondering if and when we could take our own big trip.   Our opportunity came much sooner than we thought.  After discussing the possibility (for all of 20 minutes) we decided to pack up, store our belongings and scrape our funds together to travel across Canada on the bike from May to August 2006.

We departed from Toronto on May 21, 2006, for a cross-country motorcycle journey.  We returned on August 23, 2006, after 90 days on the road and travelling over 27000 kilometers.  We actually crossed the country twice, by means of secondary roads and a number of side trips.  The picture on the right was taken within minutes of returning home. 

When we pulled into the driveway I sat for a moment before I shut the ignition off.  "Once I turn the bike off this journey is over" I said to Cindy.  The thought of keeping it running and backing out onto the street had crossed my mind.  Neither of us wanted this adventure to end.  Reality set in, commitments came to the front of our minds, and our mal-nourished travel account  helped me grab the key and turn the bike off.

We'll remember this trip for the rest of our lives.  

  - Lorne & Cindy

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